Friday, March 30, 2012

Renovation: Week Two

There have been lots of changes to Liam's room/closet this week! It's coming together quite nicely!

Monday: Dad built the wall in the back of the closet and put in some of the insulation. He also put the crawl-space door in it's new place.

Tuesday: Dad put in the rest of the insulation, added the floor to the crawl-space, installed the light, and filled in the hole where the crawl-space door used to be.


Wednesday: Joe stayed home to help dad put all the sheet rock on the walls and the ceiling.

Thursday: Dad finished some loose ends, then did the first round of mudding and taping.

Friday: Dad did some sanding and then did a second round of mudding. Not much of a difference in appearance, but we are one step closer to a finished room/closet!

Next week dad will do one more round of sanding and mudding, next the texture goes on the walls and ceilings, and last the door will go in. Then it's our turn to work! We will paint the walls and put the trim around the floor and chair rail. Almost there!

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