Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Never Forget!

Since finding out that my Thyroid has gone crazy, I have had to take a pill every morning. This might not seem like a big deal, but this pill has to be taken on an empty stomach, and I cannot eat for at least an hour afterwards. I think that this is one reason why I have become addicted to coffee. For some reason, coffee doesn't affect the medication, so I drink quite a bit of it in the morning to keep me full.
It also doesn't help that I have to be out of my house, and on my way to drop off my son, within 45 minutes of waking up. So, no time to eat before-hand. Then I have about a half an hour to get to work. Again, not enough time to eat. Next, I have a half an hour before my students walk through the door. Once again, no time. I usually take some sort of snack (it's so hard to find breakfast that you can make and take). Today I forgot!
This was a huge mistake on my part. By the time I got off work, picked up Liam, put him to bed, and made my lunch, I was starving! I have now been home for about an hour and have eaten: a salad, 2 pieces of pizza, chips, one of Liam's left over fruit cups, and a spoon-full of peanut butter. Apparently, if you let yourself get too hungry, you end up eating everything in sight! I'm soooooo full, and I feel like crap. Note to self: NEVER FORGET YOUR SNACK!!!!

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