Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I'm Healthy

Since going off to college, like most women, my weight/body image has been something that I've felt the need to keep in check. As most people do, I gained weight my first year and kept the extra pounds for some years after. Although my weight has fluctuated over the years, I've never really felt too uncomfortable in my own skin. I lost about 15 pounds for my wedding, then gained a bit back after the honeymoon (actually while on the honeymoon), lost about ten before going to Europe, then gained more than 50 pounds while pregnant.
About half-way through my pregnancy, I threw out several pairs of pants that were tight and uncomfortable before getting pregnant, sure that I would never fit into them again.
The first nine months of being a mommy went as expected (at least weight-wise). I didn't loose much right away. In fact, most of the weight I put on while pregnant seemed here to stay. At the time, I was still nursing and several people told me that they started to loose the baby weight at about the nine month mark. So I'm not sure if it was the power of suggestion or if it really is true, but the nine month mark was like magic. Within a few weeks the pounds just fell off. At first I was excited. I never thought that it would be this easy. It was like a light switch.
Then when the weight kept coming off, I got a bit worried. I had not only lost all of my baby-weight, but more than ten pounds past that. I'm a small person, 5 ft on a good day), so this was a lot to loose. I saw my doctor and found out that my thyroid was acting up and that this was probably the reason for my tremendous weight loss. I went on medication, fully expecting to gain something back, but I didn't. It has been almost a year and the weight is staying steady.
I'm happy with my new size, my doctor says that I'm perfectly healthy, but I'm also getting a lot of snide comments from people. No, I'm not starving myself (ask my husband, I can eat like a horse), no I'm not on some crazy, horrible exercise regimen (in fact I've purposefully sweat a handful of time since my son was born), and no I'm not on some weird vitamin cleanse. Apparently, this is the new me. I'm ok with that, why not you?!

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