Friday, September 2, 2016

Getting Back

Hot dog in Central Park
For several months now, we have not been doing a good job with our family goals. Well, I guess we just shifted them for a bit, which I am totally glad we did. We needed a bit of a break. For many years, Joe and I have had a focus on debt pay-off, being super careful with a monthly cash budget, and have focused on healthier, home-cooked meals.

Anniversary trip view
 Since summer began, those goals  somewhat went by the wayside.  Specifically, the month of August. Between a conference in New  York, an anniversary trip, friends staying with us, and a family  vacation to the beach, we spent a lot more money than we are used t  to. We also ate a lot.......and I mean, a lot....of anything and  everything.

Bestie Vaca Weekend

Because we have been so focused and disciplined for so long, I do feel that this past summer was greatly deserved and a needed break to help propel us to the end of our debt pay-off plan. I have to say, I learned a great deal about my priorities after reflecting on this summer. I cherish the memories made and the irreplaceable experiences had, and I am now totally ready to get back on track.
Family beach trip

I spent this morning, my last weekday before school officially begins, clipping coupons, baking lemon poppy seed muffins, and cleaning our house after a whirlwind month. You know what? I loved it! I have missed this. I have missed the focus, purpose, plan. I am so so so ready for the structure that the school year will bring, for the home-cooked meals, baking, goal-setting, and a renewed focus on the future.

We are so close to the end. The hard part will be over soon. We just need to get back to it and stay with it until we pass the finish line. Today has been a great start.