Saturday, March 17, 2012

Pet-Peeve of the Day

I have a question. What exactly is the point of posting, adding, or pinning a quote that you "like", but you don't actually follow? I'm getting so tired of seeing people post quotes that scream that you should 'forgive your fellow man', 'think about someone else's story', 'be open to change', or 'be the best friend you can be', who have never once followed the advice. This is total crap! If it doesn't match your personality and daily actions, don't pretend it does!
If you post a quote that doesn't actually apply to you, you are being fake. Portraying yourself as a saint, when really you are a normal person who makes mistake, holds grudges, and are stuck in your ways, is wrong. I find it insulting and infuriating that people think they can post a quote, say that it's what they stand for, and then do the exact opposite when it comes down to it.
I challenge all of my readers to check my quotes (on facebook, twitter, pinterest, here, etc.) and please tell me if you think that I am misrepresenting myself. I would hate to do that, since it drives me absolutely crazy when others do it. If it is brought to my attention that a quote I have used is not being followed by me, I'm so happy to remove it from where ever it has been posted. Misrepresentation is just like lying, and I do not want that to be a label that I carry.

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