Friday, March 23, 2012

Spring Break Plans

In about an hour, I will be heading back to work for a two and a half hour meeting, after that....Spring Break! This is one year where spring break seems to have come very quickly. Usually about this time I'm dragging, exhausted, and ready for a break. This year I still feel all of these things, but less than past years. I have felt rejuvenated all year, and spring break is just kind of a happy surprise this time around. Other than helping my dad finish the renovation project, taking Liam to the pool and library story time, getting a massage, going shopping with a couple of friends, and a very exciting date night with the hubby, we are taking it easy this year.
For spring break last year, we went to Crater Lake and spent some days in a cabin in the snow, just our little family. I loved it, but this year, I want low-key, quiet, relaxing! I also plan to work with Liam on potty training and read a couple of books from the Oregon Battle of the Books list for next year. There will also need to be some time set-aside for working on upcoming assignments for my reading class. So being home most of the time will be a must.
The class is going very well. The instructor gave us all of the assignments for the term on the first day, and I have been working about a week ahead since the beginning. This has been very helpful considering I don't have a whole lot of time to devote to reading a textbook and write papers. It also helps that this class is completely online. I think I will try for this with every class from now on. It may also be a good idea to get started studying for the reading specialist praxis test that I will be taking in about a month.
Wow! Looking at all of those small things, my spring break suddenly seems quite full! Oh well, that's how I like it!!

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