Friday, March 9, 2012

A Long/Strong Life Line

I was reminded this week, how my little family has an amazing group of people who support us. For over a year now, we have left our son with a wonderful friend, who has treated him as if he were her own son. She has taken very good care of him, and we now feel as though she and her family are part of ours. I have always known that she cares about our family in a way that is far more than a business relationship, but her support and understanding in recent days has made that abundantly clear! We are so lucky to have her, and her family in our lives.
I also need to say a huge thank you to my mom who has taken on a great deal to help us. We always know we can count on her to help us with our little man, and that is an amazing feeling! The hubby and I have countless other family members who are willing to do just about anything to help/support us and our son. These people include, but are not limited to: our parents, grandparents, and our siblings. Thank you doesn't come close to covering it, but....thank you!
I have one last thank you. To our fantastic friends! We have so many supportive people who choose to be in our lives. These people would drop everything (and have) to support us in our times of need. I know that I will always have someone to vent to, someone to watch my son- if need be, to offer advise with respect and with the best of intentions. My husband and I have the greatest support staff you could ever ask for, and they are our life-line.

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