Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Opposite of ADD

I'm a teacher, and I've had my share of students who deal with ADD or ADHD. They work so much harder than the average student, because their minds can't focus on one thing for more than a couple of minutes. That must be so frustrating for them! I personally, have the opposite problem- I can't stop thinking about one thing! I come up with something (at the time, it's a priority), and then I obsess over it until it either happens, or something new and exciting comes along.
In the fall, my obsession was coming up with ways to make our backyard more exciting, in the winter it was planning for a non-existent vacation, after the holidays it was saving money and moving into a bigger home, now it's remodeling our upstairs. Now I think that all of these things are positive, make me happy to plan, keep me busy, and will potentially be wonderful for our family. My husband has very different thoughts about my ASD (Attention Surplus Disorder). It drives him crazy, that for the month or two I'm stuck on an idea, that all I can talk about is that one thing.
My husband is an extremely laid-back, thinker type and I am a quick-thinking action type. These personalities clash when my ideas are overwhelming and cost a lot (he's also a financial planner by career and in life). Someday, I'm sure I will give him a heart attack! But the way I see it is, if he would just partake in the planning or let me do one or two of my ideas without so much time to "think about it", maybe I wouldn't drive him crazy. Also, I can only assume that I would take some time to enjoy the fruits of my past labor, before I would cling to a new idea. But maybe I'm just being hopeful for the both of us.

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