Monday, March 5, 2012

Babies Cause Addictions

*I now that I thought about writing this post quite a while ago, but I must have been a bit worried about how people would take it.
It is in my expert opinion of mommy-hood, that having a baby gives you an addictive personality. Or at least this has been my experience. Before having my son, I only drank coffee on the rare occasion that I was actually in a coffee shop. After having him, I can't go a day without a cup or two to get me going. My frig is usually stocked with creamer, but I have learned to like coffee with milk and sugar too. I was a bit unsure about it, but when the alternative was to go a day without my precious pick-me-up, I was willing to try anything. Lucky for me, it wasn't bad.
As if becoming a caffeine-aholic wasn't enough, I have also gained a step in my nightly bed-time routine. Now I have gotten a lot better about this, but there were a few months, not too long ago, where a glass of my favorite red was a must for my body to rest. Just as with coffee, I would drink a glass of wine on a special occasion- dinner out, birthdays, stressful Fridays, etc. But once I was done nursing, it was the only way I could unwind and prepare to sleep.
So far my addictions have stopped there, but I fear that it is a slippery slope. If you see me excessively shopping or (ever) see me running other than to chase me child, please stage an intervention!!

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