Friday, March 16, 2012

Verbal and Literate (Well, sort of.....)

My son is on his way to two, but sometimes he acts like his an adult. I'm so proud of who he is becoming, but also so sad that he's becoming this person so soon. The other day he came out of the office (his playroom these days) with a shopping cart full of toys and a bag around his arm. He looked like a little man picking things up from the grocery store. Then today, when asked how old he is going to be, he said, "Two!" and  pointed one finger from each hand at me. He's growing up way too fast.
A few minutes after the whole "two" thing, he grabbed my phone and said, "Hello?....Hi my Nana. I wav you. Bye my Nana." There were some other words/phrases mixed in there, but these were the words we could pick out. He's also started to tell us stories about his day, like when his Papa scared him by growling, or when he saw "Papa's choo-choo, or when Nana took his na-na (binky for those who don't speak Liam).
My biggest pride as a teacher/parent is that he is now 'reading' books to us at night. He has always been a huge fan of books, we usually read 4-5 a night before bed, and countless books throughout the day. But it is just in the last week or so, that he has decided to start mimicking what we do when we read. I know he isn't actually reading, but I also know he's well on his way!
In my latest reading class, I learned (shocking to me) that some kids actually have to be taught how to hold a book, which way the pages should go, etc. I remember learning which order to read in (meaning left to right, top of the page to the bottom), but I can't imagine making it to kindergarten and not knowing how to hold a book for reading. At least I know my son has pre-reading skills down already! What a relief!


  1. That is crazy that there are some kids that don't know how to hold a book by the time they get to kindergarten. My daughter loves books and she is not even two.

    And I totally understand what you mean about being proud of who they are becoming but sad at the same time.

  2. I know! It's completely crazy to think that a child would not be read to enough to know these basic skills. I'm sure we have many proud, yet sad, moments ahead of us!