Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Theory

A few months back, while teaching my 6th graders about hominids (early forms of man), a great discussion came about. I was specifically talking about the changes from hominid to hominid (walking upright, skull shape, facial features etc.), when a student asked if their hair loss was a form of evolution. At the time, I told her yes and explained that the earlier hominids needed more hair to protect themselves from the elements. As they evolved, and became smarter, they learned how to protect themselves in other ways and the hair slowly began to disappear from their bodies.
Another student then asked if their extra-hairy uncle was still a hominid, since he still needed so much "protection". Without meaning to, this student had created what the rest of the class thought was a pretty funny joke. We all had a good laugh and moved on with the lesson. It took some time, but as I recently recounted this story for a friend of mine, I realized that my students may have been on to something.
All this time people have said that Alopecia is a disease, that it is a genetic mutation, the product of stress and an overactive immune system, but what if they're wrong?! What if those of us with Alopecia are just the next step on the evolution continuum? It is a scientifically proven fact, that species loose the features that they no longer need, and hair has always been one of these features.
Maybe, just maybe, those of us with Alopecia have more advanced bodies, that have already learned to adapt without hair. This would make sense when you take into account that it tends to be more prevalent in families that have a history. Are Alopecia sufferers really suffering, or are we leading mankind to the next step? To be honest, when I had the idea to write about this, I thought that it would be a funny explanation for my alopecia friends and I to share with the curious people that we encounter. However, the more I write and the more I think about it, the more I believe that I (and my students) may really be on to something!

Is it just me, or it there a bald head at the end of the line!

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