Monday, April 30, 2012

My Mockingjay

My son has reached the point in his young life, where repeating everything that he hears is the purpose of his day. For the past week or so, Liam has shocked me several times with what comes out of his mouth. A couple of weeks ago, I was joking with my husband and I said, "Boy, you have quite an attitude!" From behind my back I hear, "Daddy have att-i-tude!" This was just the beginning!
So far, we have dodged the swear-word-bullet, but I'm sure it's headed our way. Instead, Liam is speaking in mostly-complete sentences and repeating words that seem far to complex for such a little mouth. I've noticed that when I say something to him, he intently watches my mouth move and at times, moves his mouth to copy my actions. 
He has also decided that it is time to know the "A,B,C's". We have had to sing it several times a day (including bed time) for the past few days. He's pretty good at it too! R and W tend to be difficult for him to pronounce, but they do require more complex tongue movements and mouth positioning. 
He has also become quite interested in what everyone around him is doing. We are constantly hearing, "Mamma do?", "Daddy do?", "Nana do?", etc. His curiosity is so exciting. I know that asking questions, copying adults, and watching our actions are how my little guy is going to learn to be an amazing young man. But there is a point, when you've answered the "Mamma do?" question hundreds of times and there is a constant little voice that proceeds your own, when it all becomes too much!
I love my son, his little voice, his curiosity, his passion for learning and understanding, but there are times where I wish we could go back to the immobile, quite baby that he used to be. Luckily, these points are few and far between, and 95% of the time I'm more than happy to tell him exactly what I'm doing and why. We'll see how it goes over the summer, when the questions continue for 16 hours straight rather than the 8 that I'm currently working with.

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