Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Movies in Our House

It took me quite a while to notice this, but since Liam has been old enough to watch whole movies, I lost my ability to watch  them. There are two main reasons for my inability to see a movie all the way through:
#1- Every time I turn on a movie that I would like to watch, suddenly his life is ending and he is in need of my full and complete attention.
#2- When I turn on a movie that he wants to watch, I'm instantly in "get something done" mode. I have always known that I try to utilize any time I have to clean, grade papers, cook/bake, read, do homework, make phone calls, etc. But I didn't realize the full extent of it until this past weekend.
On Saturday morning Liam asked to watch Cars 2 for the.....I don't know.....2,546th time. I argued with him just a bit, trying to talk him into another movie that we haven't watched quite so often. It didn't work. As I sat with him, sipping my hot chocolate, I realized I didn't recognize whole sections of the movie! Later this week, he asked to watch Kung Fu Panda (yet another movie we've watched countless times). Yet again I noticed complete, plot changing parts of the movie that I couldn't remember seeing before.
It's so strange how we can get so tired of "watching" something that we have never really sat down and watched! I learned two things about myself through this realization:
#1- I use my Liam-movie-time very well.
#2- I really should sit down and watch some of these movies with him. They are pretty entertaining!

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  1. Ha! I totally get this. Just yesterday my daughter insisted I watch a movie with her that she often watches. Like you, I usually use that time to do things I couldn't otherwise do. But she commanded me to sit and watch, and actually spent her time watching me to make sure I was watching! She told me she was afraid I'd miss it like I "always do". And actually, the first half (of the short 30 minute movie) was totally unfamiliar to me. Changed the whole story line for me. Haha!