Thursday, May 24, 2012

Everyone Says "They Come in Threes"

Everyone says that terrible, horrible, very bad things come in threes. Well, I sure hope so! That would mean that Joe and I have met our quota and should get some good luck for a bit. Over the weekend, Joe mowed the lawn. Well, sort of. It took him three times longer than usual because the mower was running slow and not really doing its job well. By the time the front and back yard were done, it was almost dead and now it won't even start. Looks like we will either be buying a new lawn mower, or paying to get it repaired.
A few days ago, I started the dishwasher and it made several new sounds that I have never heard before. The dishes came out clean (this time), but I have a feeling the end is near. We can handle washing dishes by hand for a while, but eventually that will be another thing to replace.
Then just today Liam and I came home to a very cold house. I thought that the timer just wasn't working, so I turned it on and walked away. A little while later, Joe came home, noticed it was still cold, checked the furnace, and realized that the igniter was broken. This too is not a huge deal. It's an easy fix, and is relatively inexpensive to fix. However, we leave tomorrow morning for Bend for the long weekend. My poor sister is going to house-sit. Hopefully in a warm house.
This is only our third month on our new budget, but situations like this seem to keep popping up. This is making it quite difficult to stick to our cash-only, money-allotted financial plan. As I said above, hopefully this is the end of our crappy luck and things will turn around just in time for my summer days with my little man.

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