Monday, April 16, 2012

Turning Two = Lots of Smiles!

After the stress and worry of yesterday, I was worried that Liam's second birthday would be a tough one. I was very wrong. I had nothing to worry about! Liam was such a happy guy all day, we were almost able to forget about that horrible day that came before. We started out the day with his gift- a little tikes truck.Then came breakfast, and a couple of episodes of Dinosaur train. We were trying to kill a little time before heading to his first dentist appointment.
I was worried about how Liam would handle the dentist, and I was worried about what we would learn about his teeth. Luckily, he did a great job and we got some good news. Liam's teeth are chipped, but healthy! He loved the chair. The dental hygienist showed us how to make it go up and down, recline and sit up. He also decided that it made a great slide!

Once we got the okay from the dentist, we were off to the Children's Museum. We packed every room, and every activity they offer, into two hours of fun. Liam loved every minute of it and was so upset when it was time to leave. But it was nap time and both Joe and I were so exhausted, that we were all in need of a rest.

When we got home, I started baking cupcakes to go along with Liam's b-day dinner. While working on those, my mom and sister, Mystery, came over to wish Liam a happy birthday. His Nana even brought him a beautiful cupcake, just for him! While waiting for dinner, Liam watched the Chipmunk movie.

We ate Liam's favorite dinner- mac and cheese, Hawaiian rolls, and milk. Then came the best part- the cake, which was accompanied by the happy birthday song! Liam LOVED the cupcake from Nana so much, that he dug right in! By the end, he was in need of a bath.

Liam's birthday was far better than I expected! I think that it was even more important to Joe and I, that this birthday be special since we are all still a little shaken from the incidents of yesterday. The stress we went through yesterday, really put everything into perspective. My family is what matters most, and helping my son to be as happy, healthy, and safe as possible is my most important job.
Happy Birthday my Little Man!!

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