Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Week with My Baby

Last week was spring break for our school district. I got to stay home and have fun with my little guy for a whole week, and we used every minute of it! I'm still surprised at how much I got done, how much fun we had, and what memories we were able to make in such a short amount of time. As I planned, we began potty training. Liam has been very interested in the potty for quite some time, he wakes up with dry diapers more often than not, and he picked out some big boy underpants, so we were all set! This "project" went far better than I imagined it would!
Happy Boy!
On Tuesday a good friend called for an emergency favor. An hour later, there were two toddlers running around the house. They had a great day playing and they even took great naps! When Joe got home from work and Liam's friend was with her mamma, we took our little guy to my mom's house so that the hubby and I could finally have a date night. We went out for a relaxing happy hour and then saw a movie (which I loved!).

Just a little of the mess we made playing

Wednesday Joe stayed home to help my dad work on the renovation project, and I ran around town looking for fabric for my curtain project (that was a frustrating trip!). Thursday Liam and I met another good friend and her brand new baby girl at the mall and I got some baby shower/family picture shopping done.
Friday was the day I actually got around to my curtain project, Liam and I built a fort, and it was my sissy's birthday, so we had a birthday dinner at my dad's house.
Our fort!

Saturday and Sunday were busy too! We went to Joe's dad's house on Saturday for a joint birthday celebration for me and my sister-in-law. Liam had so much fun with his cousins that he "forgot" to take a nap and was exhausted by the time we left. On Sunday we took yet another trip, this time to see Joe's mom and grandma. Once again Liam had a great time. This time he was the only kid, but he sure enjoyed all the attention he received!
Eating the cookie he made at Meema and Papa D's

Even with all of this other stuff going on, I managed to finish one of the books on my summer reading list, cleaned out all of the closets/cupboards in the house, caught up on dishes and laundry, and still had time to relax just a bit. If I could get all of this done in one week, I can only imagine the summer-time possibilities!
Liam and Mommy!

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