Thursday, April 19, 2012

Drum Roll Please........

It's finally done! A month of waiting, finally over!! We finished the closet today. Over the weekend, Joe and I picked out the drawers, shelves, and boxes that would be used as storage in Liam's new walk-in closet. Monday night, Joe measured the space and installed a piece of plywood to raise up the storage units, since we were going to have to carpet around them. Tuesday afternoon, the carpet company came and installed all of the flooring, and Joe did some touch-ups to the paint. We spent all Wednesday afternoon installing all of the storage units, then walked to Home Depot to get the dowel holders and a door stop. Today, we installed the dowels and moved in!

Here it is!

A big thank you to my dad for all his work on our little project. I think it looks amazing! What do you think?


  1. Awesome! Can your Dad come do mine next? :)

  2. Thank you! My dad would love to, as long as there is no more than an hour travel time. ;)