Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Renovation Week 3

So we are now halfway through week four of the bedroom/closet renovation and I can almost say, "Done!" I'm so happy with the change to the size of the room as well as all of the storage space we have gained. Although not right away (I need some sleep and to get some spring cleaning done), Joe and I are seriously considering doing the same project on the other upstairs bedroom.
So much has changed in his room the last week and a half, but there has also been a lot of waiting between steps. Last week Dad came to finish up the texture which took Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. He had to spray on the texture, wait for it to dry, sand it down, spray again, wait, sand.

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were our days to paint everything! It took forever and made us work muscles we haven't used in a while, but we got it done, and it made it look like a bedroom again!

Monday Dad came back to install the door, put the trim around the attic access door, and do some finishing touches.

Tuesday Dad came back one last time to put on the trim and chair rail. We cleaned up the room, hauled away the left over scraps, vacuumed, and prepared for the carpet people to come.

Today, I was hoping to unveil the finished bedroom/closet project. However, there was a bit of a snag in our plan. We had, what we thought, was just enough carpet to patch the holes in the bedroom as well as carpet the closet. Unfortunately, the carpet repair company patched up the holes differently than we expected, which took more carpet than we planned for. Long story, but we ended up with an uncarpeted closet for now.

Good news is.......we have a completed bedroom and Liam will be sleeping in his own room tonight!

The carpet people did a wonderful job. I can't tell where the patches are and it blends perfectly with the old carpet. Hopefully soon I can show a complete closet to go with his new and improved bedroom!

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