Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Inspection: A Nail Biting Experience

After we accepted the offer, the next step in the process was to have an inspection done. Joe, our Realtor Marie, and I were a bit nervous about this step. From the beginning, we were concerned about the roof as well as the furnace, not because either were causing us problems, but the fact that (as far was we know) they are original with house. When most roofs are considered to have a twenty year lifetime, and your house is nineteen years old, it make you worry a bit.

The inspection day came and went. Joe and I felt on the verge of panic waiting to hear the news. We were sure that there would have to be some negotiations, and we were worried that something would make the deal fall through. A couple of days, and several glasses of wine later, we heard the news. There was a small list of repairs to be done, but nothing too difficult, too expensive, and (happily) no deal-breakers.

We were able to do quite a few of the projects ourselves, and we hired my Dad and his good friend (who is also a contractor) to finish it up. It took some time, a bit of money, and about a week, but we are done! We are one step closer to our close date, and eventually, our forever home.

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