Saturday, September 7, 2013

Color Run 2013

I will admit that I have fallen off the running bandwagon a bit. I have only run a handful of times this summer (usually with the help of a dear friend, who encouraged me through running playdates with our kiddos). Today was one of the few. Way back, when I first started running, I put out feelers for friends/family who would want to join me in running the Color Run. At the time, it was 6 months-ish away, and I wanted to sign up to make sure I would stick with it through the summer. Although it didn't keep me running all summer long, it did help motivate me today!

The "Before" shot.

My mom, three of my sisters, and I got up bright and early this morning, pumped and ready for some fun! When we got there, it was a zoo. Hundreds of cars lined the freeway off-ramp, and every street there after. The parking lot was also filling fast, and we were almost an hour early for the first wave of runners. As we walked to the starting line, I began to get excited (as I always do before races). I couldn't contain it, so I bounced, sang, and danced to the music while we waited.

Since I was the only one in the group with any race experience, we decided to take it as it came. Run as much as possible, but take breaks along the way. They all did awesome!! Every single one of us ran across the finish line, and we did it with multicolored bodies and big toothy smiles.

If you are interested in participating in this run in the future, I have a couple of things to share.

#1- It's a blast!
#2- Wear glasses and possibly something over your mouth, the powder goes everywhere.
#3- Don't sign up for this one, if you're looking for a race to be timed and seriously run. Each of the color check points really slows you down, and because there are SO MANY people, it's very difficult to run at full speed.
#4- Bring the kiddos! If I would have known how kid-friendly this race is, Liam would have been running along side his mama. You can avoid the powder check-ins, if you're worried about the kids getting blasted (because they will!).
#5- Plan to stay awhile, or take the MAX. Next year, we plan to bring a bbq and have an after-race tailgate party afterwards. It took us almost an hour and a half to get out of the parking lot.
#6- Bring a change of clothes, towels, plastic bags, etc. The powder gets EVERYWHERE, and unless you want a multicolored car, you need to plan ahead.
#7- No matter how much you plan ahead, no matter how much you try, you will not be clean when you leave the track. I've taken a shower, a bath, spot scrubbed, and washed my hands several times throughout the day, and I still keep finding patches of neon green.

The Color Run is a blast, it was an experience I'll never forget, and it was a wonderful way for my mom, my sisters, and I to have fun and be active together.

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