Sunday, May 12, 2013

By Hallmark Standards, A Horrible Mother's Day

My Mother's Day was nothing like the commercials that have been on a constant rotation since mid-April. When I was a kid, that's what I thought Mother's Day was. Perfect. Sweet. A day totally devoted to pampering and splurging on the moms of the world. However, this has not been my experience on any of the four Mother's Days that I have experienced since having my oldest boy.

I did not get to sleep in. Instead I woke up to a hungry baby who gave me the biggest grin when I said, "Good Morning, Gummy Bear!"

I wasn't served breakfast in bed. Instead my boys and I went on my favorite long walk with a tasty coffee in hand.

I wasn't given the sparkliest diamond necklace in the store. I was given a charm with Nolan's name on it to go with the "Mom" and "Liam" charms I received on my very first Mother's Day.

I wasn't taken on a surprise plane ride to a remote tropical island. But I did have a delicious lunch with the strong, supportive mommies that inhabit my family tree.

My husband didn't take me out for an expensive dinner on the town. However, he MADE me one of my favorite dinners.

I didn't spend the day being pampered at some fancy salon. But I did get to take a long, quiet bubble bath with a glass of yummy wine.

I didn't get the perfect family photo. But I was able to get a my boys to sit still, and be calm long enough to get a pretty good one.

My day won't end with a flashy new car in the driveway. But both of my boys gave me sweet kisses and hugs and "I love you"'s before they went off to bed.

I didn't even get a Mother's Day card. But my baby boy was relatively happy, and my toddler was a relatively good listener.

I may not have gotten all the things that Hallmark deems important on Mother's Day, but I got everything I could have ever wanted.

Happy Mother's Day!

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