Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A Mommy Knows

For a while now, I have thought that there is something going on with Nolan. Something that is physically wrong, that makes him such a sad baby, something other than the acid reflux that we are already treating. I have felt this way for months, but told myself that he's just sensitive, that there is nothing wrong, that I'm just trying to find an excuse for having a harder baby than Liam was. To some extent, I'm sure that this is true, but I just couldn't shake the feeling that Nolan is going through something that makes him feel horrible, that we can't see.

This past few weeks have been extremely taxing on our whole family. First, I got strep throat, then Liam got a cough/cold that was accompanied by a horrible fever, then Nolan got a cough, but there was no fever in sight. After a couple of days, and some progress in the symptom department, I thought that we were finally becoming a healthy family again. Then yesterday happened.

Nolan spent the whole day screaming (not an exaggeration, he only took three, twenty minute naps, other than that, nothing but crying). As the day progressed, I noticed new symptoms popping up. He was drooling more than usual, he wouldn't let me lay him down, wouldn't even nurse laying on my lap, he had to be upright (which was interesting), and his facial rash was much worse. I noticed that he was grabbing at his ears, and assumed that meant he had an ear infection.

Since yesterday was a holiday, our pediatrician's office was closed and so was the local immediate care, so we called the advice nurse, who had us check his temp again and check his breaths per minute. By the end of the conversation, we had an appointment for Nolan for this afternoon. Although the appointment was mainly for the cold/cough/ear infection, I also had some concerns that I wanted to share with the doctor to see if there was anything else that could be causing him so much grief.

At the appointment, I shared my concerns, the doctor checked Nolan's breathing, his ears, and his overall health. After confirming that he does, indeed, have an ear infection, the doctor then paid particular attention to the rash on his face. Our usual pediatrician said that he believed that it was caused by drool that pools under his checks while he sleeps at night, and suggested using Vaseline. This new pediatrician had a new theory. Eczema!

I have Eczema, Liam has Eczema, I know what it looks like (usually), but apparently, there is a baby version that looks very different than the usual rash. As she checked his whole body, she realized that the dry skin that I had noticed, was actually this other version of Eczema. I feel horrible that I, of all people, didn't see this! Fortunately, we now know what has made my Gummy Bear so uncomfortable.

We began the new bedtime routine which includes a bath (no soap), pat drying, Eczema cream from head to toe, then Vaseline all over, and, if needed, a small dose of Benadryl. Already, Nolan is a new man! He was so so so happy in the tub, giggled while being greased up, and went to sleep without any help. I'm so glad that I went with my gut, and pushed for more information. I hope with all my might, that this is the real issue that he has been dealing with, that we won't find something new next month, that my adorable Teddy Bear will flash that mommy-melting smile more than his Mr. Frowny Face.

Yesterday: Not even a good depiction of the rash
Today: Right after his first treatment

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