Friday, July 12, 2013

Struggles with Supply

I consider myself a well-educated and veteran nursing mommy. I'm on my second round of exclusive nursing, with the first one lasting 14 months. I'm about 6 months in this time, and my milk supply is amazing in comparison to Liam's situation. I have way more milk, and can produce it far more often. It also helped that Nolan was a pro from the beginning, where Liam took weeks to get on track. You would think that everything having to do with feeding would be easier this time around. Nope.

When the summer began, I had a goal to focus on increasing my supply of frozen milk, so that I wouldn't feel as stressed out about pumping at work, as I did with Liam. Unfortunately for me, pumping extra milk is almost impossible! When Liam was an infant, I would pump before bed (after he had been asleep for a couple of hours), I would pump whenever he took a longer nap, and I would get up a little earlier to pump in the mornings. I was lucky that I had these times, because my supply was so low, that it took all of these extra pumping sessions, just to keep my little man feed. None of these times are options now.

My current frozen supply
Nolan takes short naps, usually wakes up a couple of hours into his night time sleep, wakes up with the sun, and eats CONSTANTLY (lately, every hour and a half, to two and a half hours), which means no option for pumping. My frozen milk supply has actually dwindled a bit since the beginning of the summer due to nights out with my hubby, and a couple of adult nights out with friends.

I'm a little stressed about going back to work with such a small supply built up, but have no idea how to increase it. At this point, I plan to cut back on situations that require using the frozen supply, but I really want to add some before the end of the summer. I have tried a lot of the usual milk supply aids, but if there is more milk produced, I wouldn't know it, because my son eats it before I can pump it. I have heard that fenugreek may help and am planning to try a couple of nursing cookie recipes, but if anyone has other tips or tricks that have worked for them, I would love to hear them!

I'm worried that my little eater is going to drain me dry no matter what I do, but anything is worth a try! If I can reduce my back-to-work-pumping stress, it would be amazing. So, bring on the advice!!

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