Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Quotations of a Three Year Old

My three year old, is hilarious! He's bright, witty, and has a great vocabulary. After a particularly verbal day, I decided that I was going to take notes on what comes out of his mouth for a weekend. Before I share the weekend's worth of verbal gold, I want to share a few of my all-time favorite Liam-isms.

"Carrots freak me out."
"Dad, come hold my hand. This is going to be a big one!"- You can guess what he was doing when he said this one.
"I'm creepy. At night, I come into your room, and lay under your bed."
"This ball has elasticity."
"I need to stay hydrated!"
"There's a ________(insert random noun) on your head, and I don't know why!"

Now that you have a taste of the pure hilarity that I hear daily, here is what was said in a two-day span:

"Dad, next time when we go for a walk without Mom, you need to remember to bring water."
"I'm going to poke you with one finger!"
"Bugers are made out of Goldfish (crackers)! You eat them, then they go into your nose and make bugers."
"Dad you need to get me a snack, because I'm not good at waiting."
"I watered the grass......with my pee."
"I miss Olivia's big head!"
"What in the world!"
"How were your night-nights?"
"One, two, three...hit it!" (said while using his fork to drum his bowl)
"In the dark there is zombies, and monsters, and not-so-nice robots."
"Why won't anyone play Michael Jackson!?" (while watching the parade)
"Nice to meet'cha Mr. Brooks!" (while shaking his 6 month old brother's hand)

My little goof ball!

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