Thursday, June 20, 2013

Best. Run. Ever!

Yesterday, I set off on my run with every intention of it being an average run. Average in route, length, time, pace....everything. It didn't turn out that way at all! As I ran one of my usual routes, I was feeling more worn out than usual, and I thought about cutting it short. I pushed myself past hill #1, which hit at about mile 2. As I neared hill #2, I wished I would have turned around. I was exhausted, my son was getting over, yet another fever, and my boys would be waiting on me for dinner. I decided I would get up this second hill (because, at this point, it was the quickest route home), then I would cut through the nearest neighborhood and head home.

As soon as I stepped on the little wooden bridge that signals that the incline is about to begin, I heard a skateboard coming up behind me. I moved over to let them pass, but I quickly realized that they were not passing me, they were keeping pace with me. When I turned to take a peek, I realized it was one of my past students, and he was looking at me. Awkward!

6.9 mile run
I said, "Hello." and fully expected a quick "Hi.", followed by him speeding on his way. Once again, did not happen. The boy said, "Hello, Mrs. Brooks! How are you?". I answered by telling him I was good and happy to be out and about. He then proceeded to tell me (me running, him skateboarding, together) how much I had changed his life. How he never liked school until he walked into my classroom. How he was actually excited for high school because of a love for reading, which he said he picked up while in my class. He ended the conversation by saying, "You will always be my favorite teacher!" and speed off.

I was shocked, touched, and rejuvenated. Not only had I run up the dreaded hill without a second thought, but I was in tears, and felt amazing. I ended up running just under seven miles (my longest, by far), with a pace around eight and a half minutes (a great pace for me), and I made it home with more energy than I had all day. I'm so glad I went on that run, that I stuck it out, that I saw that student, that I ran so far and so fast. I'm just glad!

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