Monday, June 10, 2013

A Mommy Day

Being a mommy is hard work. You learn to love others unconditionally, you put their needs/wants before your own hourly, you give up free-time, being able to finish a book, movie, or chore without interruption, and  you worry more about how your kids look than yourself. I can't remember the last time I actually took time to pick out my own outfit. I usually throw on the first clean pieces of clothing I can find. I have lost all ability to be fashionable (not sure if I ever was, but at least I tried) and it makes me sad.
After having Liam, I worked hard to lose the baby weight and finally got my body into a shape/size I was happy with. While pregnant with Nolan, I vowed that I would do the same, only much faster. I have once again, worked very hard. I run, eat better/less, and we have become a very active family. If you want to see more about how I did this, check out my post-pregnancy weight loss tips! Nursing has caused me to hold on to the last few pounds, but I'm pretty happy with my progress since he was born 5 months ago.
As a bit of a reward for my hard weight loss/health work, our efforts in budgeting/paying off debt, and just being a hard working mama, I treated myself to a Mommy Day. I couldn't have done it without the support of my wonderful husband who watched the boys, made all the meals, and cleaned the house while I was gone!
My day started with a little bit of a sleep in (I got up at 6 am instead of 5:30. Woo hoo!) Then I went on a 4 mile, morning run. It was fantastic! The weather was perfect, no one else was out and about because it was so early, and I felt amazing. When I got home, I took a much-needed shower while my husband made our family a yummy breakfast. After that, I got ready to head out.
I met a good friend for hours of clothes shopping....for me. I didn't buy a single thing for my boys. Shocking, I know! We also had lunch, and then did more shopping. It was wonderful to be able to have hours of conversation without someone interrupting or needing to be changed or feed. This was my first real break from my kiddos since Nolan was born in January, so I enjoyed every minute of it.
When I returned home, both boys were just waking up from long naps, so they were in exceptional moods. I got lots of snuggles and smiles. Then my husband made yet another delicious meal, the boys went off to bed, and so did I. I was exhausted from my mommy day and couldn't even make it past 7:30. I woke up Sunday morning with a new found patience and felt well-rested, which was great since I had another 5K race to run.
Having Mommy Days is not a selfish thing to do, as I once thought. It's needed, and can help you to be a better parent. Taking time to yourself, and realizing that your needs are just as important as your kids (although you might have to wait a bit longer to have them met), if you want to be a happy mommy. I know having a mommy day will happen once in a blue moon, but I will appreciate the time I get, when I get it.
I know I feel better about myself now that I have the ability to wear nice clothes that fit my new shape, that I can actually look like I care about myself, and that I have had some time for me.

Get out your planner, and pick a date for your Mommy Day! You won't regret it!!

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