Monday, June 11, 2012

Ready to Relax!

In between Liam's birthday party and Memorial Day weekend, our little family had a bit of a quiet streak. It was lovely to relax at home, take little family trips/walks, and actually feel like we were keeping up around the house. Then Memorial Day hit and ever since, we have been on the go! We went to Bend that weekend on our yearly friend vacation. It was so fun and relaxing, but coming home from a vacation is always exhausting. Unpacking, laundry, being tired from the long drive, these were all packed into the half a day we had to get back on track.
The next Saturday we attended my sister's 9th birthday party, I helped celebrate baby Olivia's arrival at Emily's baby shower, then rushed to have dinner with friends. That Sunday we spent the day at the in-law's house celebrating a way-early Father's Day while Liam played with his cousins.
These past few weeks at work have been challenging too. The kids are crazy, the days seem long, and now that there is some sun shining through the windows, it doesn't feel like we should be cooped up in the classroom anymore. Between scoring mounds and mounds of writing tests, finishing up several projects, cleaning and packing up my room, and studying every free second I can spare, even my work days have been packed to the brim.
This past weekend was crazy too! My second round of the Praxis began at 7:30am Saturday morning, followed by my mom's graduation at 10:30am, then lunch with the family. Finally, we got some peace and quiet yesterday, and it was wonderful! We still took a walk down to the fruit stand, then did the usual weekend grocery shopping, but it was calm, relaxed.
This up coming weekend as well as the next, are going to be busy as well. We are attending, what is sure to be, a wild birthday party Friday night, having a BBQ with friends Saturday, and then Joe's third annual Father's Day celebration on Sunday! But once we get through the next couple weekends, we are in the clear for a bit. Some family time is in our future and the calendar is clearing up (for now).

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