Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Oh, Summer Break

It is only day two of summer break, and Liam and I are loving it! My little guy is and always has been, a morning person. An early riser at heart, Joe and I are lucky to sleep until six on the weekends. However, it is quite obvious that summer break was well needed for the both of us. Since Saturday, Liam has slept in at least until 7am every morning. This is absolutely unheard of! Since the day he was born, this has happened just a handful of times until this week.
His need for some extra Z's doesn't stop there. He has always been a very good napper. A typical nap is about 3 hours. Once again, he is more in need than usual. He has been taking 4 hour naps off and on since Saturday as well. His extra rest has come at the best possible time for me! I too have been more sleepy than usual. I have taken advantage of all of his sleeping in (until this morning, when I just couldn't sleep after 6:30am). Unfortunately for me, I have also fallen into a nap pattern.
I'm so glad that summer came when it did. We both need a break, lots of sleep, and some Liam-mommy time. We have a great deal of exciting plans for the summer, but for the next few days we will be resting, rejuvenating, and cuddling up a storm!

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