Thursday, June 28, 2012

Just Like Me!

I am so excited and proud to see that little girls with Alopecia and Cancer are finally getting some affirmation that they are normal and that they are not alone in dealing with hair loss. Recently two major toy corporations have designed dolls that are bald to help girls dealing with these horrible diseases to feel more excepted and "normal". w/ alopecia and cancer get a doll that looks like them! Wonderful!
Mattel's bald Barbie
As a young girl, I felt as though I was the only one who had to deal with being bald. I felt very alone and self conscious about my lack of hair. I felt left out when my friends did each other's hair at sleep-overs and when my sister got to pick out cute barrettes and headbands. It was always frustrating as a teenager when peers would complain about having a bad hair day when all I wanted was a hair day of any kind. It was uncomfortable when playing with dolls, because brushing their hair seemed somewhat unnatural to me. 
The American Girl doll for girls with Cancer and Alopecia
Luckily for this generation of kids, there is far more awareness about hair loss. If Mattel and American Girl are any indication, it is becoming part of the "norm" to be bald and a young girl. Bravo to these companies for helping these little girls feel a little less different, and for giving them reassurance that they are beautiful just the way they are! I am so proud of these companies and I hope with all of my heart that more follow suit and continue the progress being made.

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