Monday, May 25, 2015

Three or Done?

When asked how many kids she wanted, Taylor Swift said something along these lines, "I don't know. Until I have kids, I will have no idea what it's like. It would be silly to guess." Smart girl.

Throughout my early adult life, I had my heart set on four kids.....then I had one. It took me two years to agree to have another. My husband has always said he wants two. That's it. For a long time I agreed with him. Now I'm not so sure.

I need to sort through all of my thoughts about adding to our family. I go back and forth daily (maybe more often). Having a third child is a huge decision and we need to be sure that it is truly what we want. Plus, my husband will need a great deal of convincing.

Reasons for Three                              Reasons to be Done
Liam is an awesome big brother          Sleepless nights
Nolan needs a younger sibling             Acid Reflux
Baby snuggles                                      Spit up on every piece of clothing I own
Nursing                                                 Pumping
Liam is starting kindergarten                Liam is starting kindergarten
    (saving on childcare)                             (saving on childcare)
Baby names we love                            My feet are full
Baby clothes                                        Diapers
We have an extra bedroom                 Someone will have to share a room forever
I would love a little lady                       The thought of three boys terrifies me
Financially stable                                 Financial goals
I will love them unconditionally             Alopecia
We know what to expect                      We will be outnumbered
The baby smell                                     We have always planned to adopt
I just want to                                         I'm not so sure


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