Sunday, May 3, 2015

Pinterest Food Challenge Day Four: Pretzel Dogs

I will start by saying, our weekend got away from us and we weren't able to stick to our challenge. We were having way too much fun to think about cooking. Tonight, we were back at it. We have rearranged our schedule, but will still make all of the dishes listed in the first challenge post. This time, Pretzel Dogs!!

I was a bit intimidated by the idea initially, but they turned out amazing! I thought that I would ruin this recipe for sure, but it was much easier that I thought. I read one of the comments, which said something along the lines of "to get a true pretzel flavor, do this....and this...". So I wasn't expecting a wonderful pretzel flavor, but boy was it there. The bread tasted exactly like a soft-baked pretzel and paired nicely with the hot dogs. I ended up with a bit extra dough, so I made some extra pretzels to send in Liam's lunch box this week.

Again, both boys really enjoyed the meal. Liam ate an entire pretzel dog (which were quite large) and an extra pretzel. Both smothered in ketchup and mustard. Joe was pretty excited that there were only two left, because then there is not enough for another dinner, meaning.........he gets to take the leftovers for lunch tomorrow.

If you are interested in the recipe, click this link: Pretzel Dogs

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