Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Second Amendment

 Normally I refuse to discuss politics on my blogs, but I just couldn't get this picture, which is circulating Facebook, out of my head. My first thought, "Their right. Why do some people do this?" Then I thought about it long and hard, I realized that there are several good reasons why some of us blame guns when tragedies happen.
Reason number one, bombs are illegal, guns are not. The U.S. and it's people have done everything in their power to prevent deaths caused by bombs. There are even things put in place to make it easier to notice and stop bomb makers before they are able to hurt people. Guns are not only legal, but require far less education than driving a car, even though they are specifically made to cause harm (animals when hunting, protection, and sometimes crimes).
As apparent in the two tragedies illustrated in the picture, guns can be far more deadly, yet many believe that everyone should have to right to possess them, without restriction or education. I am a firm believer in our Constitution and the Rights that it gives all Americans, but the Second Amendment was written at a time where protection of life and property was on the individual. There was no phone number for the police, and even if there were, many people lived miles away from anyone else. Guns were a must. Also, at that time, war was a way of life, and it was fought on our soil. Another reason guns were needed, hunting for food. There were no grocery stores, just blocks away. If you were hungry, you had to get it for yourself.
I believe that times have changed since the Second Amendment was written, and so should the Amendment. Notice that I say "change", not eliminate! I do think that it should be every American's right to bear arms, but there should be some safeguards put in place. Our world is changing, and we need to change too. No one who has a criminal record should have the right to bear arms anymore, education and training should be mandatory, and there should be laws about how guns are stored/cleaned in homes.
Within the last week, a child in our area, lost her life in an accidental shooting that happened while her step father cleaned his gun. This was a horrible accident, and there is no blame in the situation, but this should never have happened, and we need to figure out how we can prevent it in the future.
When the constitution was written, guns were such a part of life, that children were taught by their parents to use them correctly. Now, most children's education about guns come from movies and video games. This is why I think education and training is so important. Children are the ones who are getting hurt because they just don't get that guns are dangerous, and no one has taught them to be safe w/them. I know that I say this as a bit of a generalization. I know that there are parents out there that are responsible and teach their children well. I just think that we as a country, need to require that responsibility, not assume that it is being used.
I keep thinking about this from a teacher's perspective. If a handful of my students were misusing the supplies in class, I would implement more rules to make sure that they stop. I would also require that those students, specifically involved, would lose their right to use the supplies (at least for a while). I wouldn't completely eliminate them from the classroom. That would be unfair to those using them correctly.
My rights only go as far as yours. My freedom of speech is just that, the right to state my opinion and offer my suggestions. It is, by no means, my right to take your rights away. The Second Amendment is not mine to  take away, and that is in no way, what I want. But we have to do something to stop the violence. Lets use these tragedies to come together and find a solution, not to divide us more.
Please, feel free to leave your comments. We all have the right to be heard.

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