Sunday, January 30, 2011

Separation Anxiety for all!

This past week has been difficult for both Liam and I. Earlier this week, I dropped Liam off at daycare just like any day. Everything went as usual until I started to leave. That is when Liam decided to cry as I left. He has never done this before and it broke my heart to go. I spent a good ten minutes trying to decide whether or not I should just call in to work and stay home with him. But after working with young kids for so long, I know that this would only make matters worse later on. So I went to work feeling like crap and worrying about how long it would take him to calm down. (I found out later that he was back to normal in seconds)
This happened again the next day as well. It was almost worse the second time, because I was dreading it all morning. Luckly, he was fine by the next morning, but we will see what happens this week!

As if his separation anxiety wasn't enough, last night we tried to have Liam sleep in his crib in his own room. It took about an hour longer than usual to get him to calm down and go to sleep. Sitting down stairs listening to him cry on the monitor was torture! About ten minutes into it, we got him up and he nursed and we tried again. He was quiet for about 15 minutes and then was unhappy again. So my husband went up to calm him down and ended up staying with him for about a half an hour until he was asleep. I spent the entire evening listening to the monitor like a crazy person.

When Joe and I finally went to bed ourselves, I stopped in to check on Liam. He was fast asleep and looked so peaceful that I thought that it would be no problem to go to sleep. But we moved the monitor into the bedroom with us and I continued to listen for over an hour. At that point, Liam woke up for his first feeding. He ate and went back to sleep like usual, but again I laid awake. I finally fell asleep and everything went as usual. He woke up twice more to eat, but had no problem going back to sleep and neither did I. I hope that this situation isn't the same as at the daycare, where day two is worse than the first.

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