Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Highlights of 2013

When I woke up this morning, it hit me just how awesome 2013 has been for our family. We have had so many amazing people enter our lives, created wonderful memories, met tremendous goals, and have overcome huge changes. All of these experiences have made 2013 a fantastic year! To celebrate, and take a trip down memory lane, I made a list of the top 25 things that happened over the past year.
Nolan's Birthday

1. First and foremost, our Teddy Bear was born!
2. We paid off a car and part of a student loan.
3. I passed my Reading Endorsement test.
4. I was the Matron of Honor in Staci's wedding.
5. I was asked to be the Matron of Honor for a childhood friend-Emily.
6. I ran my first 10k and 5k.
7. We had our first Big Brother Date night.
8. Emily came to visit.
9. We went on our first vacation as a whole family: Cannon Beach.
10. We sold our house.
Our last photo in our old house
Rum Run 2013-1st 10k

Visit w/Emily

11. Desi and Mikey got engaged! Welcome to the family Mikey!
12. I realized a new career goal, and took steps to reach it.
13. Walking/running/raising money for several worthy charities.
14. Liam started preschool.
15. Having months of memories with Joe's Grandma Ida, before her passing.
16. Completed the Color Run with my sisters and mama.
17. Seeing a love of reading develop in our boys.
Cannon Beach Trip
Big Brother Date Night
Color Run 2013
18. Threw a fantastic surprise party for  Joe's 30th birthday.
19. Watching Liam run/complete his first race.
20. Celebrating the holidays with family that we don't get to see often enough.
21. Joe got a raise and recognition for his hard work.
22. Liam's first Christmas program.
23. Reaching our down payment goal, and beginning the search for our forever home.
24. Enjoying rare snuggles and open-mouth kisses with Nolan Theodore.
25. Sharing experiences with all of our amazing family and friends!!
First day of Preschool

Here's to an awesome 2013, and an even better 2014!
March for Babies 2013
Preschool Christmas Party 2013

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