Friday, August 17, 2012

The Name Game

Ever since Liam was born, Joe and I have been busy at work trying to come up with names for our future babies. The reason for the excessive thought about a future event, is that we had narrowed Liam's name down to two far before he was born, but when the time came to choose we had a lot of difficulty picking. He was nameless for two days after birth, and we don't want to do that again.

We have always had a long list of girl names. Joe and I have very similar thoughts about what we like when it comes to having a daughter. Over the last two years we widdled the list down, and made a definite decision for a little girl (which we will share once we know for sure what we are having). Although we have a name picked, we still have several other girl names approved by both of us, that we are a bit sad not to use.

On the other hand, boys names are so difficult for us! When we walked in to the ultrasound for Liam, we said, "If this is a boy, we have our work cut out for us!". Obviously we were right about that. This time around it's even harder. We have a much shorter list of boy's names, that consist of "my names" and "his names". Neither of us are overly excited about any of the other's names.

Another reason for our indecision about boy names is that Joe is sure that this next little one is a girl, and that we don't even need to think about boy names until the ultrasound tells us otherwise. This frustrates the planner in me! I don't want to have an unnamed child this time around and I think that it's a far better idea to plan for both.

At this point, I think we need some help with boy names. If you have a wonderful boy name that you are willing to share, I would really appreciate your suggestions. My feeling is that the more options we have, the more likely that we will agree on one-hopefully, sooner rather than later!


  1. Hi Cassie! Congratulations! When my sister was naming her son year ago, I looked at a baby name book with her. Here are some that I really thought were cool.
    Rian, Ry, Desmond, Ethan, Owen, Ryder, Keegan, Anton, Finn, Quinn, Aidan...anyway those are the only ones I remember

    My sister settled on "Dylan" :-)

  2. Thanks Heather!I love so many of those names, but unfortunately the teacher in me (I'm sure you understand) can't get past some of the students that I associate with them. : ) I do however, LOVE Quinn and Finn which are already on my list. I also like Ethan, Owen, Ryder, and Aidan but we have friends w/kids w/these names already. Fingers crossed for Quinn!