Friday, June 3, 2011

The Grass May Be Greener

Joe and I have been talking a lot about making some major changes in our lives. Although we have a wonderful life, great family and friends, and enjoy our jobs, we feel as though there may be something that is missing. For this reason, much of our "adult time" has been filled with discussions about how to fix that, and what we could possibly do differently. The biggest change that we have considered making is where we live. For about a year now we have talked about relocating, and as this year has progressed the conversation has become more serious. We love Oregon and it will always be our home, but there is always this nagging question of whether or not we would be happier somewhere else.
We have in no way, decided on anything yet, but the conversation has been persistant. The older I get, the more this area seems to not fit my plans and hopes for the future. I know that there will be issues anywhere that we live, but what I truely want is not happening here. I want to live in a tiny town with land and neighbors that you actually talk to. I want my son to go to a school where everyone watches out for him and knows us too. I would love to spend more time outdoors (and so would Liam), but having 9-10 months a year be cold, rainy weather doesn't make that easy.
I have always wanted to venture out of this area to see what life would be like somewhere new. Now Joe and I feel rushed to figure this out. We both agree that we want to be sure and settled by the time Liam goes to school. We don't want to move him around or make him start over in a new school, so we have four years to wiggle with. Luckly, my profession is everywhere. Even though there may not be very many jobs for teachers right now, there will be at some point and I can always sub until there is. Joe's work is a bit harder. Because he is a trader and there are not a lot of investment firms in small towns, finding a job will be far more difficult for him.
As I said, we have not decided on anything yet, and still have a lot to think about and/or do before this would ever be a possibility, but I would love the opportunity to spread my wings and try something new. Having a fresh start and getting a blank slate is extremely appealling right now, and picking up and moving is about as fresh and blank as you can get!
The idea of it being a short term move is what is intriguing us at this point. If we could some how, have the option to try out someplace new for just a couple of years, that would be ideal. But so far, nothing has dropped into our laps, so we will just have to wait and see what the future has in store for us! Hopefully, warmer weather, friendly people, history, and culture.

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