Saturday, December 25, 2010

It's a wonderful life!

This time of the year is always full of fun and joy. But having a baby changes everything, including how you feel about the holidays. When you are kid, Christmas is this wonderful, magical day that you wait for all year long. There is a fantastic feeling that accompanies this time of year. The older that you get, the less magical it is. Stress and lack of funds put a damper on things and even when things are happy and joyful like when you were young, things just are not the same. Every year the season looses a little magic. I spend every year listening to christmas music, watching christmas movies, shop till I drop, decorate non-stop and do anything that may bring that illusive feeling back, but until this year- no luck!
But having a baby in your home brings that feeling back ten-fold! This Christmas has been the most stress-free and magical that I have had since I was about ten. My husband and I spent all evening and most of the morning preparing everything for Liam's first Christmas. I know that kids don't really get the whole christmas, santa, presant, thing until they are older, but I am sure that Liam has figured it out already. He was the only kid at Grandma's christmas party that sat on santa's lap without crying, in fact he seemed quite comfortable. He has also figured out the whole unwrapping thing. He might not get that there is a presant inside, but he sure knows how to tear off the wrapping paper! I am so glad to have the holiday season that I remember from my childhood back again (thanks to my little man)!
Merry Christmas to all and I hope that you find the childhood Christmas feeling too!!

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